The Story Behind the Photo: A Swiftcurrent Lake Sunset

This picture was taken from the Many Glacier Hotel in Glacier National Park.  The historic hotel is my favorite of the National Park lodges I have seen. It has an expansive wooden deck that overlooks the idyllic Swiftcurrent Lake.

My wife and I settled into a pair of Adirondack chairs on the hotel’s large deck. The scene before us was nearly perfect.  The sun had begun to descend and Swiftcurrent Lake glistened softly in the fading light.  The temperature dropped with the sun, and a brightly burning fire inside the hotel’s cavernous lobby beckoned us inside.

However, the scene developing on Swiftcurrent Lake convinced us to linger a little longer in the cold. Wide pink and orange streaks filled the sky from behind Mount Gould and Grinnell Point.  The whole sky soon transformed to bright pink and then orange.  The mountains were very dark, like black silhouettes, due to the sun being behind them.  It provided extreme contrast as the dark mountains and bright pink sky reflected in the peaceful waters of Swiftcurrent Lake, providing a stunning mirror image.  The lake glowed radiantly as the colors in the sky began to fade away.  The amazing scene did not last long, as the sky went dark within a few minutes.

Swiftcurrent Lake sunset
Sunset on Swiftcurrent Lake

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