Landscape Arch

Landscape Arch is the undisputed highlight of the Devil’s Garden Trail. The arch spans 306 feet across the desert floor, making it the longest arch in the world (although some say Kolob Arch in Zion may be as long).  It is simply stunning.  Landscape Arch looks very fragile.  In fact, a large portion of the arch broke away and fell to the ground in the mid-90s.  At its thinnest spot the arch is a mere eleven feet wide, yet it is almost thirty times as long as that.  It stretches across the desert at a height of nearly 100 feet.  I spent a lot of time near the base of the arch taking photographs from different angles.  Its size made it difficult to get the entire formation into view.

When I first arrived at the arch I was alone for a few minutes, because it was early in the morning.  Soon a small crowd had gathered to admire the fantastic arch.  Considering it’s a mere mile to Landscape Arch from the trailhead I’m surprised so many people end their hike there.  Nevertheless that’s how it is on the Devil’s Garden Trail.  It is an incredibly popular hike up until Landscape Arch, but for anyone that goes farther the crowds thin out dramatically.

Landscape Arch


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