My Top 10 National Parks: #9

My Top Ten National Parks of North America

Don’t forget to check out my # 10.  Grand Canyon National Park

9. Yoho National Park

The Statistics

Date established: October 10, 1886

Annual visitation: Around 700,000

Size: 318,519 acres

Location: Eastern British Columbia


My Experience

Number of visits: One

Total days in the park: Just a few hours (sadly)

My favorite view: The view of Emerald Lake. The (unsurprisingly) emerald green lake is simply stunning.

Emerald Lake
Emerald Lake

Favorite hike: I thoroughly enjoyed the very short hike to the base of Takakkaw Falls in Yoho Valley. The tall, thin waterfall is one of the highest in Canada.

Canadian Rockies and Glacier National Park 249
Takakkaw Falls


If I Return

I’d love to eventually return to the Canadian Rockies, and if I do, I’d want to spend more time in Yoho. There are lots of great hiking opportunities within the park, beautiful backcountry lakes, and even some exceptional whitewater rafting.

Canadian Rockies and Glacier National Park 254


Why You Should Visit

Yoho National Park is home to some phenomenal mountain scenery within the Canadian Rockies, but it doesn’t have the crowds that neighboring Banff and Jasper National Parks do. It’s also considerably closer to Banff and Lake Louise than Jasper is.

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