I Started Another Blog

I Have Started Another Blog

I have really enjoyed writing this blog. It has been a great outlet for me to share photos and stories from my past travels. I have also liked giving my opinions and thoughts on different things related to the outdoors and making lists of my favorite waterfalls, National Parks, and more. Perhaps the best part of blogging for me, though, has been finding so many like-minded people that share my interest in hiking, outdoor photography, and traveling. It’s been great communicating with other bloggers along the way. I fully plan on continuing this blog, but I have also decided to start writing another blog based on a different topic.

As anyone who reads my blog knows by now, I love hiking and especially enjoy spending time in National Parks. I like to write about my times in National Parks and have taken thousands of photographs of wildlife and landscapes within the parks. I also spend a lot of time reading books and blogs about hiking and the National Parks. As passionate as I am about the National Parks and the outdoors in general, my top priority is now my family. In fact, I wrote a blog post about that last summer. My life revolves around my family. I’ve felt like that since my son, Noah, was born about three and a half years ago. My wife and I also have a nineteen month old daughter, named Charlotte.

I like to write about what I know and love. I write about experience and life. So, I decided to write about the number one priority in my life; being a father to my two amazing children. I have named my new blog Just an Ordinary Man Trying to Be an Extraordinary Dad. I feel like that title describes me well. Being the best dad I can be is what my life is all about now. However, I’m learning as I go and certainly don’t have all the answers. I may not be the “World’s Greatest Dad” and I’m no expert, but I try my absolute hardest to make my kids proud of having me as their father.

Also, I’ve been working on my second book, And Then There Were Two…:A New Father’s Perspective, since my son was born. I’ve been writing about my how my life has changed since the arrival of my children and the emotional journey my kids have taken me on. I’m planning on writing it until my daughter turns two and then hoping to complete the book in the summer of 2017.

So, I’ll occasionally include passages from my upcoming book and also post about day-to-day things that pop up in my life as a father. I’ll also share some of my thoughts and opinions about raising kids. I plan on trying to keep most of my posts short and sweet. So, if this is something you think you might be interested check out my new blog and if you like it follow along.


Thanks for reading and happy holidays.

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