My Top 10 National Park Hikes (6 miles or less) #6

My Top 10 National Park Hikes (6 miles or less)

I enjoyed making blog posts about my top ten National Parks, so I decided to make a list of my top ten National Park Hikes. I quickly encountered a problem. There were too many hikes to choose from. So, I decided I can make two lists. I’m starting with my top 10 shorter hikes. Eventually I’ll make a list of my favorite longer National Park hikes. I decided to make 6 miles the cutoff. So the list I am starting now will be of my favorite hikes of 6 miles or less. I love National Parks and I like making lists, so this is fun for me. I hope you enjoy, too. Let me know if you agree with me, want to add other hikes, or want to try some of these out.

My list so far…

10. Cleetwood Cove – Crater Lake National Park

9. Avalanche Peak – Yellowstone National Park

8. Shoshone Lake – Yellowstone National Park

7. Hall of Mosses – Olympic National Park


6. Delicate Arch

Location: Arches National Park in eastern Utah.

Distance: 3 miles roundtrip.

Elevation change: 480 feet.

Difficulty: On my totally subjective scale from a 1-10 (10 being the hardest) I would give it a 4. The hot desert sun and a couple of short, but steep sections can make it somewhat difficult.

Brief Description: The trail steadily ascends slickrock before traversing a shelf that leads you to a natural bowl. The world-famous arch is adjacent to the bowl on the edge of a cliff. The trail will almost definitely be crowded, but it’s for a good reason. This is the can’t miss hike in Arches National Park.

Highlight of the hike: This hike is all about the destination. Delicate Arch is an amazing sight. You’ll certainly recognize it immediately. At 45 feet high, the arch is taller than I expected. The best part is watching the incredible arch transform in color under the setting sun.

Delicate Arch

Tips: If at all possible, do yourself a favor and time your hike with the sunset. As attractive as the arch is on its own, it is absolutely astonishing at sunset. It truly makes for a magical moment. Your photographs will make you very pleased that you decided to see it at sunset. Truthfully though, as good as those photos will be, seeing the arch in person is the best part of the experience and you won’t forget it.

For more details on the hike and my personal experience CLICK HERE to read my blog post about it.

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      1. I can’t figure out how to subscribe to your blog. I don’t want to miss when you post the next 4. Is there a link somewhere to subscribe? It’s funny, I’m already subscribed to your other blog and thought I was subscribed to this one but realized today I’ve been missing out. 😏


      2. Hmm, I thought there would be a little button on the bottom of the page to click on to follow. I put links on now, though. You can click to follow on wordpress or enter an email. I’ll probably post my next hike tomorrow.

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