My Top 10 National Park Hikes (6 miles or less) #3

My Top 10 National Park Hikes (6 miles or less)

I enjoyed making blog posts about my top ten National Parks, so I decided to make a list of my top ten National Park Hikes. I quickly encountered a problem. There were too many hikes to choose from. So, I decided I can make two lists. I’m starting with my top 10 shorter hikes. Eventually, I’ll make a list of my favorite longer National Park hikes. I decided to make 6 miles the cutoff. So the list I am starting now will be of my favorite hikes of 6 miles or less. I love National Parks and I like making lists, so this is fun for me. I hope you enjoy, too. Let me know if you agree with me, want to add other hikes, or want to try some of these out.

My list so far…

10. Cleetwood Cove – Crater Lake National Park

9. Avalanche Peak – Yellowstone National Park

8. Shoshone Lake – Yellowstone National Park

7. Hall of Mosses – Olympic National Park

6.  Delicate Arch – Arches National Park

5.  Mariposa Grove – Yosemite National Park

4.  Mount Washburn – Yellowstone National Park

3. Queens Garden with the Navajo Loop

Location: Bryce Canyon National Park in Southern Utah.

Distance: About 3 miles roundtrip.

Elevation change: 600 feet.

Difficulty: On my totally subjective scale from a 1-10 (10 being the hardest) I would give it 5. It’s short and pretty easy, but there are some steep sections.

Bryce Amp.

Brief Description: This is actually a combination of three trails to form what the park bills as the “best 3-mile hike in the world.” I recommend descending the Queens Garden Trail into the amazing Bryce Amphitheater. Then, on the floor amongst the mysterious hoodoos of the amphitheater you connect the trail with the Navajo Loop Trail. It’s a loop so you can choose between two different routes to exit the canyon. Definitely go with the Wall Street option. Once you are back on the rim you will follow the Rim Trail back to Sunrise Point where you started.

The Southwest Sojourn 140

Highlight of the hike: The entire hike is awesome. It feels like you’re walking on another planet. The best part is hiking through Wall Street, which is typically closed in the winter. Wall Street consists of a short, steep slot canyon with a few tall trees jutting out between the tall canyon walls.


Tips: The most important thing is to take the Wall Street option (sticking with my Wall Street theme). If that section of the hike is closed simply follow along that trail as far as you can and then turn back and go the other way. I did that once and was still able to see most of Wall Street, I just couldn’t ascend that way. My other advice would be to hike the loop clockwise and to simply hike this trail no matter what. Rain, sleet, or snow; everyone should attempt this hike. Be safe, so if it looks too slippery or something then don’t hike it, but if at all possible give it a go.


For more details on the hike and my personal experience CLICK HERE to read my blog post about it.


11 thoughts on “My Top 10 National Park Hikes (6 miles or less) #3

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  1. Great choice Matthew. It’s going to take a lot from other trails to beat this hike. We did this hike on a clear, cool early autumn day. And it was fantastic.


  2. I love this hike! We were just there 2 weeks ago and it’s one of my favorite hikes ever! Wall Street was closed, but we were able to do that section a couple of years ago. We had to hike up the other side of Navajo Loop trail which was fine since we hadn’t done that side before. Have you done Peek-a-Boo loop trail? We did that one a couple of weeks ago too and decided we like it just as much as Queen’s Garden. Maybe even more since it’s a lot less crowded. At least it was when we were there.


    1. Yes I actually combined the peekaboo loop with the queens garden and Navajo loop in what the park calls the Figure 8. It was amazing! I hiked that in my first trip to the park. I didn’t have as much time the last time I was there, though.

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  3. Yay, so glad this one made the list! It’s one of my all-time favorites, too. Couldn’t agree with you more about Wall Street–so spectacular, and I love the sense of perspective in your photo. I don’t think I could ever get tired of those hoodoos!


    1. I hiked those together my first time in Bryce. You’re right, it was an amazing hike. I will eventually post about my favorite longer National Park hikes and that will definitely be high on that list.


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