My Top 10 National Park Hikes (6 miles or less) #1

My Top 10 National Park Hikes (6 miles or less)

I enjoyed making blog posts about my top ten National Parks, so I decided to make a list of my top ten National Park Hikes. I quickly encountered a problem. There were too many hikes to choose from. So, I decided I can make two lists. I’m starting with my top 10 shorter hikes. Eventually, I’ll make a list of my favorite longer National Park hikes. I decided to make 6 miles the cutoff. So the list I am starting now will be of my favorite hikes of 6 miles or less. I love National Parks and I like making lists, so this is fun for me. I hope you enjoy, too. Let me know if you agree with me, want to add other hikes, or want to try some of these out.

My list so far…

10. Cleetwood Cove – Crater Lake National Park

9. Avalanche Peak – Yellowstone National Park

8. Shoshone Lake – Yellowstone National Park

7. Hall of Mosses – Olympic National Park

6.  Delicate Arch – Arches National Park

5.  Mariposa Grove – Yosemite National Park

4.  Mount Washburn – Yellowstone National Park

3.  Queen’s Garden with the Navajo Loop – Bryce Canyon National Park

2.  Hidden Lake – Glacier National Park

1. The Narrows to Orderville Canyon

Location: Deep within Zion Canyon in Zion National Park, Southwest Utah.

Distance: 5 miles roundtrip.

Elevation change: Minimal.

Difficulty: On my totally subjective scale from a 1-10 (10 being the hardest) I would give it 5. The first mile is along a paved pathway, the rest is in water. So, the difficulty largely depends on the water. How fast is the current, how cold is the water, and how deep is it? Those things change considerably throughout the year. I’d rank it a 5 for when I was there in late August.

Brief Description: Follow the easy Riverside Walk for a mile and then descend a few stairs directly into the Virgin River. From then on the river is your playground. Hike for as far and for as long as you wish you and come back the way you came or get a permit and make the entire 18-mile trek through the slot canyon (so it may be cheating to include this hike on my list since I only hiked a portion of the larger trail).


Highlight of the hike: The Wall Street section where the canyon walls are just 20 feet apart and 2,000 feet tall. That is the most famous section of the entire Narrows. Orderville Canyon, a thin side canyon, was equally amazing in my opinion.


Tips: Be safe. Check the river conditions. Make sure the water isn’t too fast, cold, or deep. Flash flooding can also easily occur during storms, so make sure you check the forecast. You can hike the Narrows any time of year if you have the proper gear, but it is ideal in the summer when it will cool you off on a hot day.

For more details on the hike and my personal experience CLICK HERE to read my blog post about it.

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  1. We were just at Zion and the Narrows were closed because the water level was too high or the current too rough or both, I don’t remember. But I was very disappointed that we couldn’t do that hike. It sounds amazing and I hope we’ll get back there again someday when we can try that again. Honestly the river was very rough though when we were there and I couldn’t imagine trying to hike through it then. Great list! I enjoyed keeping up with this.

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    1. That’s too bad. I bet the water isn’t too good for hiking until summer. I’ve been there three times and both times I was there in Spring the water looked rough. The time I hiked it was late August I think. Glad you liked my list. I’ll have to start my list of favorite longer NP hikes in a little bit.

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  2. There’s no surprise that the Narrows took the top spot on this list. I thought it was a cool and unique hike too, but personally I had an uneasy feeling with the Narrows when we did the hike. It’s uncomfortable for me to be partially soaked in cold water (we hiked in early October and had rented insulated pants on) for most of the hike. Since it’s in October, the sun light barely reached the canyon floor, making the canyon’s temperature felt even colder. And more importantly there were limited places to get away when nature called…if you know what I mean. 🙂

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