My Top 10 Long National Park Hikes #6

My Top 10 National Park Hikes (over 6 miles)

I completed the list of my Top 10 Short National Park Hikes over a month ago, so I guess it’s about time I start the list of my favorite longer hikes.  This list will focus on hikes over six miles long.

You probably noticed by now that I love the National Parks  and like making lists.  In addition to the list of my favorite shorter National Park hikes, I have previously made lists of my Top Ten National Parks, Top 20 Things to See in the National Parks, Top Ten Waterfalls, My Bucket List, and Ten Places You Should Visit Before You Die.  So yeah, I enjoy writing these blog posts.  I hope you enjoy them, too.

Let me know if you agree with me, want to add other hikes, or want to try some of these out.

My list so far…

10. Mount LeConte – Great Smoky Mountains National Park

9.  Cape Alava – Olympic National Park

8.  Half Dome – Yosemite National Park

7.  Siyeh Pass – Glacier National Park

6.  Cascade Canyon – Grand Teton National Park

Location:  Between the tallest mountains in the Teton Range.  Inside Grand Teton National Park in Northwest Wyoming.

Distance: There are several options.  My route to the Forks of Cascade Canyon and back was 9.6 miles (using the boat).

Elevation change: About 2,000 feet.

Difficulty: On my totally subjective scale from a 1-10 (10 being the hardest) I would probably give it a 6, maybe a 7.

Wildlife:  I saw a pair of large moose snacking on plants in a swampy area.

Brief Description:  You can hike along the shore of Jenny Lake for a few miles or take a boat ride for a short cut to get started.  Both ways are nice.  I took the boat to start this hike, but had previously hiked that portion around Jenny Lake.  You’ll pass Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point, then pass through a forest for a brief time before entering Cascade Canyon.  Huge mountains are right beside you and the flowing Cascade Creek.  You can continue on the trail paralleling the creek for as long as you like before turning back or continue on for an extra long day hike or a backpacking trip.  I turned back at the forks, like most day hikers.

Highlight of the hike:  Being in the middle of Cascade Canyon, beside the creek and in the middle of the behemoth Tetons.  I also saw a pair of bull moose.

Tips:  Start early and/or take the boat to beat the immense crowds at Inspiration Point and Hidden Falls.

This is my favorite hike in Grand Teton National Park and I previously wrote about my experience on the trail.  You can read about it here.


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  1. I enjoyed Cascade Canyon hike as well. Like you, we took Jenny Lake boat and hiked to the fork. We also saw several moose feeding in the creek. Unlike you, we ran into a swarm of biting flies near the trail fork. Thankfully for our Jungle Juice Insect Repellent, otherwise we would have had to abort the hike. Nice to hear that you ran into an old friend.

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