Good Morning Sun

I walked out of the house yesterday morning and was about to step into my truck when I looked up and across the street. I said an audible “Wow” to myself and took out my phone to take a couple quick photos of the sky.

It was absolutely stunning. It almost looked purple with pink streaks cutting across the sky. The clouds helped highlight the colors. The photos from my phone don’t really do it justice.

I didn’t have much time so I soon got into my truck and drove off. The vibrant colors in the sky dissipated within a few minutes.

Then, about ten minutes later, on my way to work, I saw a fox prancing through the snow beside the road. It was a surprising sight considering I was driving through a very industrial area on my way into the city of Buffalo. I only saw it for a second, but it looked like a cute orange fox, half the size of my dog. I wish I could have taken a photo if it, but I was driving and it was out of sight very quickly.


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  1. your house looks picturesque with the snow. we have a rather wild garden and I often have a fox walk through it, not that i’ve seen it yet but others have. I often catch good sun rises when I walk to work.


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