Cozumel and the Nachi Cocom Beach Club

We went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean in February. I thought I’d write about two of the ports we visited.  This time I’m going to share our experience from Cozumel, Mexico and later I’ll write about our enjoyable time in Labadee, Haiti.

We got off our Royal Caribbean ship and weaved our way between the many shops near the port before reaching the area where taxis were lined up. We had a decent sized group so we had to wait for a large van.  It was me, Ashley, our two kids, Ashley’s parents, her brother and his girlfriend.  We hopped in our taxi and told our driver to take us to Nachi Cocom.Months before the cruise Ashley’s brother had done some research on Cozumel. He searched online for the best private beaches in the area.  He found the Nachi Cocom Beach Club.  It was one of the best rated beaches in Cozumel (and maybe in all of Mexico).  Ashley and I didn’t know much about the place ahead of time besides for the fact that we were all signed up for their all-inclusive package for the day.  That included a 4-course lunch, unlimited drinks, and access to the pool, Jacuzzi, and beautiful beach.

It was about a fifteen minute ride to the beach club. We checked in and received bracelets and then made our way to the serene and stunning beach.  There had to be less than ten other people there when we arrived.  That was one of my favorite things about the place.  They only allow 130 guests per day.  So, you know it won’t be too loud or crowded.

We spent a lot of time in the pool overlooking the beach and ordered drinks from a swim-up bar. My kids took turns yelling “cannon ball” and jumping into my waiting arms.  Later we all had a nice lunch beside the pool.

After lunch we relaxed on the long pristine beach. There were plenty of lounge chairs evenly spread across the beach as well as some umbrellas and plenty of palm trees.  There were even hammocks hanging between some palm trees and a hut for massages (which cost extra).

I dug in the sand with Noah for a while and at one point I jumped up and plucked a coconut from a palm tree beside our chairs. It took a whole lot of effort, but Ashley’s brother eventually managed to crack it open using a small rock and stick.  Its juice tasted like warm, watery milk.  I also went for a brief swim in Caribbean Sea before we left.  The water felt great, but I hate that saltwater taste.

I loved our relaxing time in Nachi Cocom and highly recommend it for anyone cruising to Cozumel.


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