If you could go anywhere today, where would you go?

Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about going away. That especially happens this time of year, because I live just south of Buffalo, New York. I like the changing seasons and like to get some snow for Christmas, but from January until March I wouldn’t mind getting away for a while. I don’t mind the cold... Continue Reading →

The Best National Parks for Easy Awesome Views

The Best National Parks for Easy Awesome Views I’m sure there are plenty of other National Parks that are great for easy awesome views, but I’ve only been to twenty National Parks so far, so I have to base my list on them. So, if you disagree with me, please tell me your favorite parks... Continue Reading →

The Best Beach Ever

This was one of my first few posts on my blog. It’s about my time on Kalaloch Beach in Olympic National Park. It quickly became one of my favorite places I have ever been.

The Adventures of a Day Hiker

I made campsite reservations months in advance and lucked out with a phenomenal site in Olympic National Park. Joe was with me again at this park, the second last National Park of our 37-day journey.  We made the four-hour drive west from Seattle straight to Kalaloch Campground on the pacific coast.

Kalaloch Campground consists of over 160 sites within walking distance of Kalaloch Beach, which gracefully hugs the Pacific coast.  The campground loops connect to paths that lead down to the beach.  Kalaloch Beach is a natural haven on a stretch of wild and pristine coastline.

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