A Recap of My Top 10 Long National Park Hikes

I completed my list of my Top 10 Long National Park Hikes a couple of weeks ago.  I really enjoyed making my list and continuing the countdown week after week.  I would like to thank everyone who followed along and especially those who provided any feedback along the way. I follow a lot of bloggers... Continue Reading →


Glacier Point and Sentinel Dome

Glacier Point Road is a sixteen mile parkway that weaves its way through thick forest while constantly climbing its way up to Glacier Point. The road curved more than a rattlesnake. We passed a turn for the Badger Pass Ski Area, which is only open in winter. We also passed a campground and a couple... Continue Reading →

Hiking Tip #1: Start Early

I am no expert on hiking. Do hiking experts even exist?  Maybe you could call guides and search and rescue workers expert hikers.  Anyway, like I said, I’m no expert.  I have run out of water, gotten lost on the trail more than once, and have surely made other hiking mistakes.  However, I have hiked... Continue Reading →

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