Havasu Canyon: Part 2 (The Waterfalls)

First check out Part 1 here first Part 2:  Shangri-La I left the Tourism Office at the same time as the BYU Grads I saw earlier on the trail. We walked through the middle of Supai together. We strolled by the Helicopter Landing Field and then passed between the cafe and the Post Office. We... Continue Reading →

The Siyeh Pass Trail in Glacier N.P.

The Siyeh Pass Trail can be hiked in a couple of different ways. The most common route is to start from the trailhead at Siyeh Bend. That trailhead is for both the Siyeh Pass and Piegan Pass trails. I was going to hike up and over Siyeh Pass and then down the opposite side to... Continue Reading →

Hiking Tip #2: Use Trekking Poles

I am no expert on hiking. Do hiking experts even exist? Maybe you could call guides and search and rescue workers expert hikers. Anyway, like I said I’m no expert. I have run out of water, gotten lost on the trail more than once, and have surely made other hiking mistakes. However, I have hiked... Continue Reading →

Takakkaw Falls

Yoho National Park is the smallest of the four National Parks within the Canadian Rockies. It is directly west of Banff National Park. More specifically, the park is just across the Continental Divide from Lake Louise, in the neighboring province of British Columbia. While Yoho is considerably smaller in size than Banff and Jasper; it... Continue Reading →

The Yellowstone River Narrows

Once I left Slough Creek I went to Tower Fall for lunch. After I finished eating I wasted little time before starting another hike. I decided on the Yellowstone River Narrows Trail. Several miles north of the heart of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone lie the canyon narrows. That is where the distance between... Continue Reading →

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