Hurricane Hill

It was a long drive from the Hoh Rainforest to Hurricane Ridge. The final seventeen miles to the Visitor Center were along Hurricane Ridge Road. The road wound through an evergreen forest at first, and then started a long 5,000 foot ascent up the side of a mountain. Hurricane Ridge Road twisted its way up... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 National Parks: #5

My Top Ten National Parks of North America My list so far: 10.  Grand Canyon National Park 9.  Yoho National Park 8.  Zion National Park 7.  Bryce Canyon National Park 6.  Yosemite National Park 5. Olympic National Park The Statistics Date established: June 29, 1938 Annual visitation (2014): 3,243,872 Size: 922,650 acres Location: Northwest Washington... Continue Reading →

The Friendly Marmot

I came across this friendly little guy on the Hurricane Hill Trail in Olympic National Park.  This Olympic Marmot wasn't the slightest bit shy.  In fact, he was the opposite.  He walked right up to hikers and stood up on his back legs.  It looked like it was showing off, as if to say "Look... Continue Reading →

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