20 Reasons Why You Should Visit Yellowstone National Park

20 Reasons Why You Should Visit Yellowstone National Park   20. Fishing Yellowstone is paradise for fishermen. There are multiple locations within the enormous park that are great for fishing; including the Yellowstone River, Yellowstone Lake, and Slough Creek. The park is popular for fishing in general, but draws people from all over the world... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 National Parks: #3

My Top Ten National Parks of North America The list so far: 10.  Grand Canyon 9.  Yoho 8.  Zion 7.  Bryce Canyon 6.  Yosemite 5.  Olympic 4.  Banff 3. Yellowstone National Park The Statistics Date established: March 1, 1872 Annual visitation (2014): 3,513,484 Size: 2,219,790 acres Location: Northwest Wyoming   My Experience Number of visits:... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 Waterfalls

My Top Ten Waterfalls 1. Havasu Falls – Havasu Canyon, Arizona This 100-foot tall plunge easily tops my list. The blue-green water is simply amazing. There is a small, but pristine beach at its base and the travertine formations around the fall are out of this world. I actually have a photo I took of... Continue Reading →

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