If you could go anywhere today, where would you go?

Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about going away. That especially happens this time of year, because I live just south of Buffalo, New York. I like the changing seasons and like to get some snow for Christmas, but from January until March I wouldn’t mind getting away for a while. I don’t mind the cold... Continue Reading →

“The mountains are calling and I must go”

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” Isn’t that a great quote? If you aren’t familiar with this famous quote or don’t know it is from John Muir, well shame on you. Muir is one of the fathers of the National Parks. He fought to preserve Yosemite and even took President Theodore Roosevelt camping... Continue Reading →

Never run out of places you want to see

I’m a guy who loves to travel. I like to explore, hike, and sit by a campfire.  Frankly, I’m happy just being outside.  But there’s something special about traveling far away and exploring unique and beautiful places.  I’m a sucker for the natural, wild, and stunning landscapes.  Give me the mountains, forests, and waterfalls.  My... Continue Reading →

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