The Many Benefits of Hiking

Hiking is the ultimate outdoor recreation activity. I know, I know, of course I love to hike, I blog about hiking and travel and wrote a book about hiking in the National Parks. Hear me out, though, I’ll back up my claim. There are a few reasons why I think hiking is so great. First... Continue Reading →

Hiking with my son on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is (obviously) a day to celebrate dads. Being a father, I feel like it’s my day; a day when I am king and should be able to do pretty much what I want. Going in to this Father’s Day I had a few things that I wanted to do. I wanted to go... Continue Reading →

Lost in the Canadian Rockies

Ashley and I just booked a hotel for the night in Jasper, an awesome little mountain town.  Then I drove us back to the Icefields Parkway, where we headed south for six or seven miles until we reached the trailhead for the Valley of the Five Lakes hike.  The trail has an elevation gain of... Continue Reading →

The Mist Trail – Part Two

The Mist Trail – Part Two Be sure to read Part One first. Shortly after I left Vernal Fall I realized why the path to Nevada Fall is far less traveled. The trail became rocky, rugged, uneven, jagged, and steep... all at once. It was much less defined than the Mist Trail and harder to... Continue Reading →

The Mist Trail – Part One

The Mist Trail – Part One Joe and I drove from our campsite at Hodgdon Meadow, south then east, to Yosemite Valley. After parking in a large lot near the Yosemite General Store we hopped on the free shuttle bus. We planned on taking the shuttle to the Happy Isles Trailhead, which we didn't think... Continue Reading →

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