Takakkaw Falls

Yoho National Park is the smallest of the four National Parks within the Canadian Rockies. It is directly west of Banff National Park. More specifically, the park is just across the Continental Divide from Lake Louise, in the neighboring province of British Columbia. While Yoho is considerably smaller in size than Banff and Jasper; it... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 National Parks: Recap

I wrapped up my Top Ten National Parks List last week. I enjoyed making the list and continuing my weekly countdown. I would like to thank those who followed along and especially those who provided some comments or feedback along the way. I follow a lot of other bloggers who travel all over. Many of... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 National Parks: #9

My Top Ten National Parks of North America Don't forget to check out my # 10.  Grand Canyon National Park 9. Yoho National Park The Statistics Date established: October 10, 1886 Annual visitation: Around 700,000 Size: 318,519 acres Location: Eastern British Columbia   My Experience Number of visits: One Total days in the park: Just a... Continue Reading →

The Story Behind the Photo: Emerald Lake

  A month before my wife and I got engaged we decided to take a 5,000 mile roadtrip to the Canadian Rockies.  We spent a couple of nights in Banff and Jasper National Parks.  One afternoon we decided to leave Lake Louise and travel the short distance to Yoho National Park in neighboring British Columbia.  We spent a... Continue Reading →

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