My Top 20 Things To See In The National Parks – In Honor Of The NPS Turning 100 Years Old Today

Happy Birthday to the National Park Service! I have only been to 20 of the 59 National Parks so you will probably notice some of your favorites may not be on my list. And, of course, it is a very objective list, so you will likely disagree with me on some items. Let me know... Continue Reading →

The Zion Narrows – The King of all Slot Canyons

The Zion Narrows is the most famous hike of its kind in the country, probably the world. The reason it is the king of all slot canyons is its unrivaled combination of length, depth, and spectacular scenery. The gorge stretches on for almost sixteen miles. The canyon walls reach heights of 2,000 feet and at... Continue Reading →

Seeing Heaven in Zion National Park

Sometimes a seemingly simple hike can leave a lasting impression. It is often caused by something random; perhaps a wildlife sighting, a change in the weather, or a view of a sunset.  I’ve had many such memories from hikes across America that will stick with me as long as I live.  One example is the... Continue Reading →

The Trail That Defeated Me

There is only one hike that I was unable to finish.  That was the famed Angel's Landing Trail in Zion National Park.  This is the story of what happened.   There are two world famous hikes in Zion National Park; one being the Zion Narrows, and the other being Angel’s Landing. The two couldn’t be more different,... Continue Reading →

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